Aeromodelling training in UAE

All professionals work on earth except those who are in the aviation industry and  Space Research agencies.

What an opportunity to work above all, travel unlimited distance in the free sky?

As you know Aeroplanes always create curiosity among kids. Aeromodelling coaching centres in UAE developed courses and workshops in designing,construction and flying of model aeroplanes,helicopters and rockets. They help kids to solve real life  problems involved in making of glider aircraft ,water rockets etc

How  Aeromodelling classes help your kid stand out of the crowd?

  • Building a flying model gives great sense of achievement,high confidence and self esteem
  • Understand all the basic fundamental principle of flight, how and why an aircraft fly?
  • Ignites the right brain activity and promotes better learning
  • Enhances logical reasoning capabilities
  • A basic step towards careers like Aero-space Engineer, Aircraft Designer, Pilot, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer etc
  • Improves hand and eye coordination of your kid as a result of flying and controlling small flying models
  • Understand the importance of teamwork and learn to cope with success and failure

Normal Aeromodelling  Aircrafts

Radio controlled aircraft,Gliders,Ornithopters,Boomerangs and Paper Planes are the normally used flying objects in Aeromodelling.

Aeromodelling is a successful form of self expression which helps you create 3D model objects,use hand tools and implement work plans. Aeromodelling classes in UAE ,have wider acceptance because these aeromodelling is considered as one of the most expensive hobbies of technical junkies and kids.

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