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IELTS band score represents level of English language ability and it ranges from 1 to 9. The test focuses on Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking efficiency in English language.

Language training in Abudhabi

Best IELTS training institutes in UAE , coaches the students to get a band score of 7 in IELTS for each skill. Do you know what each band score means? If not this is what each band means.

  1. Bands 1 – 3 : Minimal English
  2. Bands 4 – 6 : Students of English
  3. Bands 6 : Very Good English, Intermediate to Upper Intermediate Student
  4. Band 7 :  Excellent English, Advanced Students with effortless use of language in most situations
  5. Band 8 : Full Fluency, Same level as English Native Speaker
  6. Band 9 : Masterful and Eloquent English fluency, No errors

You will be surprised to know that even native speakers of English language won’t get an IELTS band 9 , because it requires a wide range of vocabulary and grammar that native speakers do not often use.

How To Get  Band 7 In IELTS?

First of all, there is not any easy formula. As explained above score is just not a pass mark ,it proves that you are master of a foreign language as a native speaker. Band 7 is considered mandatory for most migration except for study visas. 

Tips To Get IELTS

  • Build English Vocabulary skills
  • Build English Grammar Skills
  • Work more on your weak skills

Join an IELTS coaching is the best way to get band 7 score, admission for IELTS coaching in Abu Dhabi is a boon for professionals settled in UAE to train themselves in fluent English speaking, listening, writing and reading.

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