Robotics education in UAE

Today you may be attending classes and seminars on Robotics and who will see tomorrow your kid will have humanoid robots as colleagues in their office or business place?

Let’s imagine all the lazy workers will be thrown away and robots who will understand commands and language of boss rule the employee sector. Robotics education in UAE ,is started to teach the importance of robotic engineering and how will they go to change human life?

Robotics education in UAE

Some of the best humanoid robots now rule the world are Pepper,Nao,ASIMO,Sophia,Atlas,BigDog,AlBO and QRIO.

How Robots change our lives?

  • They could be teaching school subjects.
  • Positively replace human in potentially hazardous environment.
  • Ability to work around the clock,they don’t need vacation or sick leaves.
  • More consistent and precise save company time and bring large profit margins.
  • Used as helpers in man made and natural disasters
Best Robotics education in UAE

Best robotic training centre in UAE, develops the idea of robotics and its benefits to the new kids at school level itself and help them to be more interactive with humanoid robots.

As we know ,new born babies easily get attached to smart electronic gadgets and make friendships faster with Alexa or siri than relatives. Robotics education will create great awareness to kids how to keep a good distance with technology and robots?

We can’t  prevent the arrival of humanoid robots to all our homes and business but we can prepare ourselves, how to deal with them effectively and utilize them as  obedient servants or good co workers.

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