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If you read the book ‘Three Thousand Stitches’ by Sudha Murty chairman of Infosys foundation you will understand how popular hindi and bollywood among other nations.  

In one of the chapters in the book she writes how people of other countries respected and give consideration to her realizing she was from the land of Bollywood and hindi speaking.

Admission for spoken hindi courses in Abu Dhabi is kicked off to entertain the kids who love to learn the world’s third most spoken language and fourth most spoken first language.

Advantages of Learning Hindi

  1. Hindi is easy to understand for many Pakistanis who speak Urdu
  2. Hindi Film, literature and music got world wide acceptance and online viewers.
  3. In Most of the states in India, you can communicate with Hindi.
  4. Easy to interact with immigrants from India who are largely involved  in business, education and administration sectors of Middle East countries.
  5. Speaking hindi is a vital part for tourism and business in India which is one of the top developing nations.

The words we commonly use in our communication like Jungle, Veranda, shampoo, cot, chit, loot all comes from the hindi language.

Join the best spoken hindi training centre in UAE, and teach  the language to help your kid  to know the land of diverse cultures and practices, but united together with a feeling of patriotism and nationality.

A different language is a different wisdom in life, increase your wisdom and travel more towards the mind of people around you with their native language.

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