In UAE summer camps are conducted on July,August months as a break from school and to engage the kids in the right environment and social relationships.

Sending our kids to summer camps are not a status symbol,but it has got many benefits which may develop their social characteristics and a chance to resolve the weakness in academic skills.

 Vacation camps in Abu dhabi

Best summer camp centers for kids in UAE create the feel of a healthy ,funny and learning vacation during those two months than unplanned daily activities of kids.

How Summer Camp Benefit Kids?

  1. Cultures Social Skills
  2. Practise Healthy Lifestyle
  3. Boost Self confidence
  4. Unplug kids from virtual world and build friendship
  5. Create an attachment with nature
  6. Enhances teamwork and coordination skills
  7. Motivates personal growth
 Vacation camps in Abu dhabi

If you snooze you lose? is an old saying, to help summer learning loss of kids,summer camps in UAE offer educational training in science,technology,engineering and maths . They make learning and problem solving very much fun and interactive.

Summer Camp Feedbacks

Humans naturally follow the crowd, we do what most of the others near us do is a common tendency. So feedbacks and testimonies greatly influence our decision to do anything. Here are some of the most popular UAE  summer camp students feedback.

  • Able to do many things ,afraid to do first
  • Made new friends
  • Summer camp make feel good about ourselves

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