What Is The Goal Of Education? : Best Educational Institutions In UAE Answers

In life only people with definite goals will succeed as they know where they have to reach. 

best educational institutions in UAE

When education has just become a status symbol and easy way to achieve money , power, high designations etc  some of the best educational institutions in UAE answers, “ What is the real goal of Education? ”

Goal Of Education

  1. Learn how to lead a productive life
  2. Discovering yourself and improving skills
  3. Live in harmony with nature and people in society
  4. Practice of becoming a responsible citizen of the world
  5. Exploring the answers to problems in your own way
  6. Becoming a valuable person than just richest 
  7. Realizing education is a lifelong process

Recently in India , a Junior IAS officer who joined in civil service bagging second rank and who is famous for removing encroached land owners in Munnar while serving as Devikulam sub collector is arrested for killing a young journalist . Rash driving when he was in an alcoholic condition was found as the reason for this unfortunate incidents.

top educational institutions in UAE

Experts in top educational institutions in UAE  says that “  Education is not only about getting as much as gold medals , ranks or learning scholarships and top job profiles. Real education should nurture the human and social values in one’s heart with high discipline and humbleness to be a role model personality for society.”

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